Thrive – Taking your fitness to the next Le-Vel

“Take it to the next Le-Vel!”


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Coming from the States, this product is just about to hit Canada and explains itself. Things are about to heat up…

Everyday we go about our business.. We go to work, school, pick up the kids, go home, cook dinner, eat, laundry, sleep repeat. No energy for anything extra we are just making it by and can sometimes be cranky doing it. Nutrients and vitamins become the last thing we think about, and we forget how great our bodies are designed to feel. We stay stubborn and remain exhausted half ass doing all of our responsibilities just to get by.

Why am I living a life of discomfort? This is the question I asked myself, and then followed it up with seeing a Naturopathic doctor where I learned the importance of nutrients, vitamins and how they work in our body. I learned that one problem with our body has a domino effect into other parts of our body and have made it my mission to start paying attention….. This was a year and half ago – ONLY AFTER… I landed in the hospital and was put off work for 4 months and had to move across the country for Healthcare. Reality hit, no more work, money, school, fitness or a normal lifestyle. My personal experience made me realize its time to wake up and take responsibility of my health. I’ve been taking multivitamins, calcium pills, B12, protein shakes, probiotics, pre-biotics, essential oils etc. And let me tell you, it gets freakin’ expensive… not to mention, confusing.

Here’s where it gets exciting and I want to share it with you.

Just last week I was approached with this product called Le-Vel the Thrive Experience. I was sent a sample pack for $50 dollars which I tried over the span of 5 days. Whynot? Anyone who knows me knows i’ve been striving toward living a healthier more mindful, fitness related lifestyle. What’s the worst things that can happen with an all natural nutrient and vitamin filled pack? It’s 3 easy steps all done in the first 30 minutes of waking up and you are literally DONE for the day. For me this is a miracle.. and it just keeps getting better! I feel amazing so much energy in such a short time, it doesn’t even feel legal and its all in one system.

Theres a been a shift in the health industry with this new DFT patch which transfers nutrients through the skin, I want to spread this new technology and help people to live a healthy lifestyle.
Contact me by email or DM me on Facebook for more information and we can talk about options for sample packs or to place your order this month and get started! Ask me about how you can get your product for free.

You will thank yourself and the only question you will ask is “How didn’t I know about this sooner?” I know I did.. Trust me on this.

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