Mindfulness: Sit in solace, in the caves of your mind.

Sit in solace, in the caves of your mind. You will find peace and understanding in the simplest of things. You will feel your presence connected to the nature around you, as if you are one. You will realize you are a small portion of the ocean, you are not the whole ocean but you make the ocean complete and full. The one drop you are has the ability to change the composition of the ocean depending on what you are composed Of.

The beauty of life is that you have the ability to create yourself with the abilities of your mind. Life is an art. What one person sees can be different from the next person based on the reality they wish to create for themselves. Listen to your inner voice. It knows best. You can manifest anything you focus your mind to. This can make for a beautiful creation or a massive destruction depending on what ideas you focus your energy to. Make something beautiful, let the light you create shine so bright it motivates others to do the same.

   Life is an energy, and people whether or not they notice it will attempt to recreate things they have already seen adding their own twist of creativity. They will call it their own, as if they are the first to create it. So create something beautiful, inspire others to do the same. You may never receive recognition for the goodness that flows from you, but never think that people don’t notice. 

       Right now as I write this in Cuba Maybe I am inspiring someone to pick up their phone and message their significant other or their family back home. Maybe they too will write a blog post or maybe check their email. Everyone will perceive what I might be doing on my phone different, but everyone will know that I am on my phone and it will spark them to pick up theirs and maybe what they think I’m doing will be what they continue on to Do. 

        People watch, they want guidance. Lead by example and have love in your heart. You are a creation of God.  A image of his love and goodness in this world. 

         What are you going to do with your life. How will you create? How will you show Love? How will you give something to each person you meet in your life you have been blessed with? Anyone can come here and make a living but what is the purpose of your being?

      You are beautiful and you are never too much. Shine bright and allow others to do the same. 💖

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