Top 5 reasons to Workout in the Morning

If you are anything like me – not a morning person at all you might just skip over this post. But trust me, it is worth thinking about.

Top 5 reasons to workout in the morning motivation:

1)You will drink lots of water and take your vitamins before working out – this gets your organs primed for the day. Working out will get the blood flowing and stretch out your muscles creating great health and energy for the rest of your day.

2)You won’t miss your workout – what else will you be doing at 7am in the morning. There really becomes no excuse. Set your bedtime for the week, and sleep for your full 6-8 hours. If you want a healthy lifestyle, working out becomes a crucial part of your overall health.

3) It sets a routine and gives you a sense of accomplishment from the start of your day. When you plan to workout in the morning, you are planning to succeed that day. Motivation starting early in the day will cross over into the rest of your daily activities and make you feel a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small or short your workout. You did it! And while everyone else was being lazy sleeping, you have a jump start on the world!

4) Getting to work becomes easier and you will even want to eat breakfast. If you have a great gym with showers and hair straightener, get out of the house early and bring your clothes for work with you and get ready at the gym. Having only the things you need to get ready will cut down on the distractions and stress you may have in your house if you are not organized enough. Focus is key here. Sleep well, get up early, workout, get ready, go to work.

5) Overall you aren’t ever going to regret the workouts you did do, only the ones you didn’t. Make sure you get good sleep, eat healthy and working out will be the icing on top of the cake. You will get excited to get up to go. Right off the start of the day you have done one more thing then most people have done. If thats not motivation, I don’t know what is.

Get your butt to the gym, and get moving! Your life is calling.

Here’s my workout from Friday morning – the struggle may be real, but it gets easier.

We shoot for progress, not perfection.


If you are in Toronto and need a trainer or a new gym – comment in the section below to see where I workout! Let’s get this thing going!
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