How to take out your own Fusion Hair extensions – Save $$$

So, you want to take out your own fusion hair extensions. Grab a bottle of wine, a best friend and let’s get to work.

Maybe you are like me living in Toronto, and you paid an arm and a leg to get your extensions in. 2-4 months later, you find out that it cost a whoppin’ $75-120 just to remove them. Add on to this unforeseen cost, most places you are calling won’t take them out unless they put them in.

Now that you have a bottle of wine of your choice and have set aside time for this process (depending on how much help, and the amount of matting you have, it should take at least a few hours)…

You will also need the following items:

1 small bottle of hand sanitizer 

1 pair of flat end pliers

Hair clip/elastics

1 small tooth comb

Coconut Oil

Hair Detangler

Hair Conditioner


Depending on how long it has been since you had your extensions installed you may be dealing with matted hair, especially in the back middle section. Don’t be alarmed.

Step by Step Guide –

  1. Section left side of your hair off into one section, tying the rest of your hair into one elastic.
  2. Start at top row of extensions closest to face. This will be your test removal as it is the easiest place to see.
  3. Move all other hair out of way and soak hand sanitizer on the top of the keratin bond which is holding your extension in place.
  4. Roll this hair extension in your fingers covering the bond.
  5. Take pliers and press down flat on the extension a few times. This will crunch the bond flat.
  6. Turn the bond 45 degrees and crunch the bond to flatten it the opposite way.
  7. You may need to add more hand sanitizer as you are doing this.
  8. Once bond is crushed, it will start to fall apart.
  9. Pull on the end of the extension and it should pull easily off your natural hair.
  10. In the case it doesn’t pull off easily or feels like it is pulling, re-cover the bond in hand sanitizer and crush a few more times with pliers until it easily pulls off from your hair.

Tip- Pull hair extension from the bottom so it slides off your natural hair, this creates less damage as you will know bond is crushed correctly.

After you have removed all of your hair extensions with this method it is time for the 2nd part of the process.

Method 2 – Un-matting Hair

If you are anything like me, I left my hair extensions in for way too long and this is why I chose to remove them myself on a whim one day. I didn’t have time for making appointments and lining up different hair stylists to recreate my hair style once I had them removed.

After all the extensions have been removed from your head you may be experiencing matted hair. Don’t panic.

Having extensions in for this amount of time has created a ball of matted hair. Some of this hair is still attached to your head which you don’t want to damage. A lot of this hair is tangled dead hair from months of being stuck above the bond and unable to fall out like it naturally would. Growth has happened and your dead hair couldn’t escape the keratin bond.

Here is what you are going to do:

  1. Feel around for matted hair and apply coconut oil directly to it. Soak your hair completely in this oil.
  2. Tie your hair up and leave this coconut oil on as long as you possibly can. (I left mine in overnight)
  3. Section your hair off into 3 sections depending on where matts are located.
  4. Spray detangling conditioner on you hair from root to bottom.
  5. Grab your small tooth comb and start combing out from the bottom of the hair shaft in a downward motion.
  6. In the back of my head I had one major matt, I used small scissors to cut in the middle of the matt. This allowed the hair to release in the middle, making it easier to untangle.
  7. Keep brushing from bottom of hair working up to the roots.

Tip – Start off with small matts and you will be motivated that you are seeing progress. Don’t be alarmed at all of the hair that will fall from your head or end up in your comb. This hair is dead hair.

Once you have removed all the matts from your hair soak your head in warm water, shampoo until all oil has been removed, condition and style as desired.

If you are anything like me, you will feel like you lost 15 pounds and are a free woman!

Hope this helps!

Enjoy your new style =)














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